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If you are interested in seeing flamenco or other interesting things live I would recommend the following. The month of May is a month very good month to travel in Spain. It is not as hot as in summer, the prices are lower and there is much less tourism. May is the month of Maria in Spain and specifically in Andalucia this is celebrated in many ways.

In many towns ‘romerías’ are organized. The purest forms can be found in the province of Huelva. You can find information on dates, times and locations in all local newspapers. In this romerías you can find what normally is conceived to be typically Spanish. There are carriages with horses and people in local dress follow singing and playing the guitar. Usually they stop in an open field to unfold the tables and chairs for a meal with a lot of song and dance. The spectator, when he approaches with some respect, will be welcomed and will be invited to share the meal and the celebration.

In Madrid you can find one of the most famous guitar builders of Spain, the Guitarerría of Santos Bayón. The guitars of Santos Hernandez were world famous in his time and continued to be so till the present time. Although the original builder Santos has died since many years, his family is still continuing the tradtion. They still build classical and flamenco guitars using the old work place of Santos Hernández.

Every tuesday evening they organize a gathering of guitarists.

If you are interested in flamenco guitar it is a very nice place to visit. You will be warmly welcomed. The address is: Guitarerría de Santos Bayón, calle Aduana 23, teléfono, 91 522 95 21, 28013 Madrid.

They are closed on saturday and sundays. You can find it in the city centre of Madrid close to the Puerta de Sol (see also photo's Humberto 2007).

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