El Payo Humberto 1960-1970

The first theacher of Humberto
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The guitarplayer Juan Díaz de Cadiz
in front of his house - 1964.

Huib Wilkes ( El Payo Humberto, literally the non-gypsy Humberto ) was born in Amsterdam in the year 1946. In the early nineteen sixties his mother let a room to Spanish immigrant workers from Cádiz who were great lovers of flamenco music. When Huib heard flamenco music for the first time he immediately fell under its spell. So much so, that he decided to study the flamenco guitar. In 1963 his mother accompanied him to Cádiz where he was lucky enough to be taught by the uncle of one of his mother’s tenants: Juan Díaz de Cádiz. In 1965 Humberto goes to Madrid where he accompanies flamenco dance at the flamenco dance academy of Mercedes and Alvano. That is where he would meet  Juan Lerma, the flamenco dancer from Amsterdam. On the 14th September 1965 he passes his flamenco guitar exam at the Calderón theatre in Madrid. 

CADIZ - 1963

Master guitarist Juan Díaz and Payo Humberto
Cadiz - 1963.

Spanish immigrant workers from Cadiz – 1964.
From left to right : Luis Molina and Rafael Rodríguez.

The two men on the right are from the Canary Islands – 1964.
Left and front row: Cadiz.

CADIZ - 1964


El Payo Humberto in Cadiz - 1964.

Payo Humberto y Arie Sneeuw. Cádiz 1964


René van Yperen a Dutch flamenco dancer.


Cuardo flamenco
Group of Dutch flamenco lovers

from left to right  Manuel Rodriguez,
Rosario Rodriguez (Chona),
Luis Rodriguez, Humberto and René van Yperen.

The Dutch flamencodanser Jan Drolsbach.

 The Spanish dancer Curra Jiménez.

Payo Humberto’s legendary 2 CV.


Enrique Morente

EP van Enrique Morente


1969, accompanying Enrique Morente
in a concert at the American Hotel, Amsterdam.

In 1969 the Amsterdam flamencologist Arie Sneeuw organised
a Dutch tour starring Enrique Morente and Payo Humberto.


From left to right  : Arie Sneeuw, Enrique Morente,
Huib Wilkes. In the front : Ietske Vreeken

The famous flamenco singer Enrique Morente.




The illustrious flamenco singer Pepe el de la Matrona.



Niño Ricardo. Madrid 1957

Niño Ricardo in a dressing room in 1968.


Niño Ricardo.
Receiving invaluable help and advice from Enrique Morente, Wilkes hones his accompanying skills around the year 1968.

Later that year he tours as second guitarist in Mariemma’s ballet. In 1969 Wilkes is granted a scholarship (1969 – 1971) which would enable him to study with the legendary  Niño Ricardo. 

In Spain Payo Humberto also worked for dance groups and accompanying singers

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